Top Escape Room Serving Berthoud

We’re happy to welcome you to Gone in 60 Minutes, the most exciting escape room experience with mystery and puzzle games near Berthoud. If you are looking for clever puzzles, creative stories, and thrilling adventure you’ve come to the right place. Your friends, family, or team will have a blast navigating our interactive puzzles. You’ll feel like you’re tackling a live-action brain teaser! Put your logical and creative abilities to the test in any of our exciting and unique escape rooms.

Don’t settle for any of the imitators. Only Gone in 60 Minutes offers the best escape room experience with mystery and puzzle games to people in the Berthoud area. You’ll feel like you’ve dived into your favorite movie as soon as you step into the room. We pride ourselves on creative game design and beautiful artistic settings. You’ll be challenged by creative and competitive scenarios perfect for players of all ages. Whether you love escape rooms, or this is your first time, we guarantee you’ll have a great time. Come see for yourself, we’ve got the best escape rooms in Northern Colorado.

Here at Gone in 60 Minutes, we’re proud to offer an un-matched experience for your group events. Whether family, friends, or co-workers, you’ll never forget our escape room experience featuring mystery and puzzle games near Berthoud. Get ready for adventure! Perfect for locals looking for a night out, or if you’re just visiting Colorado. Contact us today, on our website or by phone, and book your event today!


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