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You and your team of experts are trapped in a life-or-death game of wits. You’ll be racing against the clock to overcome deadly puzzles and explosive challenges. This escape room can be played with 1 team or 2 teams depending on group size. Single team groups will try to defeat the bot while 2-team groups will go head to head in separate, identical rooms. (max 6 per room) 

Each team competes to be the first to assemble their detonation device. The winner goes free. The loser… KABOOM!

And just to keep things interesting, clever players will find opportunities to sabotage the enemy team.
Good luck!

Duration: 75 minutes

About this room

KABOOM! is a unique escape room only available at Gone in 60 Minutes in Longmont. Perfect for larger groups and team building exercises, this room will test your logic, spatial reasoning, and ability to think under pressure.

This is not only for your average puzzle game junkie. This is also ideal for large groups looking to have some fun in a team building event! All sessions must be booked in advance!

Default max group size is 12. More slots may be added upon request.



What is real and what is imagined? Enter the mind of abstract painter Illythia Dugana, whose work contains clues to her terrible secret. Can you help her find what she has lost? Dive deep into her tortured psyche and unlock the mysteries of her mind.

About this room

This escape room features brain-bending puzzles which require out of the box thinking. It features original art and design. Perfect for small groups of all ages. Make your reservation today!

 Difficulty Rating: 4/5    Recommended Team Size: 4-8   Age Range: All Ages!


Launch date: 8/18/17

It was the crime of the century. A group of criminals have robbed Breakout Bank and made off with a million dollars. Police are baffled by the crooks complete disappearance. Without any leads, the case risks going cold. That’s where you come in.

About this room

You and your team are the top investigators on the police task force. Are you smart enough to follow the clues and discover where the robbers are headed? This room features some of our most challenging puzzles, testing your critical thinking and logical abilities.

Sessions are by appointment only.

 Difficulty Rating: 4.5/5    Recommended Team Size: 4-8   Age Range: All Ages!


(This room is NOT scary)

Our escape room offers a delightful experience for fans of any age. Offering an array of puzzles varying in difficulty, we designed this escape room to be a fun adventure for the whole family. This magical puzzle room features activities that anyone can enjoy!

About this room

Help Jack save Christmas! You’ll feel like you’re in a movie! Treat your family to an experience they won’t forget in our Nightmare puzzle room.

Sessions are by appointment only.

 Difficulty Rating: 3.75/5    Recommended Team Size: 4-8   Age Range: All Ages!

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Conveniently located in Longmont, our escape room makes it easy to travel to from Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, Windsor, Broomfield, and anywhere along the Front Range for a fun family activity!

1129 Francis St, Longmont, CO 80501

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